Al Quran App features an easy interface

An app that allows you to listen, read, and keep your souls soothing with the Quran recitations.

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An App that provides
you a vast range of features

From reciters all around the world to your own bookmarks to read, Al Quran offers you all

Easy to Interact

AL Quran is built for everyone so that anyone with little or more knowledge of apps and interfaces can use it without any such difficulties.

Reading Interface

Just as you read any online books, the Al Quran app allows you to read any Surah, Page anytime and anywhere,  as well as gives you the option to bookmark where you left.

Audio Recitations

Al Quran features reciters from around the world, allowing you to listen to Quran recitations when you feel down and help your mood boost up.

Why do you need Al Quran App on your gadgets?

Al Quran has been built with love and extreme efforts pulled off keeping the slightest things at the forefront so that anyone can understand and use the app. 

Al Quran features reciters like; -A­bdul Rahman Al ­Soudais, Saoud Al Shuraim, Khalid al-Qahtani, Maher Al Mueaqly, Nasser Al Qatami, Abdullah Al-Johany, and more reciters from around the globe to keep it diverse. 

It is an iOS app, which can be easily downloaded on your iPhones or iPads. Allowing you to carry it along like any other app on your phone. You can read, listen, and bookmark where you stop. Add reciters to favorites or your most read or listened to surahs. 

Other than just the recitations and reading part, you can watch Live Makkah and Madina, as well as download your favourite Surah to read or listen later on.


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